Monday, January 03, 2011

Blog? I have a blog? Right.

I keep being reminded I have a blog. People ask me. Ravelry has the link RIGHT THERE. But I don't write. I read other people's blogs. I am fascinated by the volume of text people are producing every day. I am not there. I am simply not there.

Right now I am crocheting a star shaped doll bunting for my children's dolls. These dolls remain naked around our house, no matter how many clothing items I make or get from Freecycle. Until the dolls start wearing clothes regularly, I am loathe to spend actual money on actual clothes. The star shaped pattern can be found here....

Next I plan to actually FINISH a Christmas package for someone very dear. I plan to make one of these if only because the author amused me with her text.

That word is so loaded sometimes... Finish. Complete. In knitting, for me, this means sew - sew in ends, sew on buttons, sew up seams. Finish. Technically I have not finished the hat my daughter loves to wear inside out where the ending thread is readily visible. She wears it. She loves it. Who needs to sew in that end in order to declare it finished. So many things are not ever going to be finished. So, ok. No problem. There are bigger fish to fry.

mmmm. Fried fish.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

J walks

It is so much fun to watch a baby walk - totally keeps me from knitting that baby blanket for T's cousin....

Monday, May 26, 2008


This is just the start (the bottom 3 inches) of a shawl in the most luscious yarn from Interlacements - Lotus, in colorway 402 (apparently no longer available, sigh, lovely greens and aquamarines), 100% silk. Keep in mind that I have yet to be disappointed by an Interlacements yarn and they are one company I am allowed to stash away when I am at Stitches or my LYS and I see their yarn

The pattern is from thatloganchick/ - Logan's Falling Leaves. She took a Falling Leaves pattern, noted the finished leaves did not fall in the original and reversed them so they do. Yippee! Onward and upward, though I might have to rip it out and start anew if the leaves do not pop quite the way they should though the fabulousness of the colors.

Friday, September 15, 2006

More UFOs completed or demolished

Well, so much for documenting UFOs... instead I demolished 3, completed several. The EZ Baby surprise jacket is done but for buttons (I plan to make some frogs), 2 additional Baby Surprise jackets are done (one has its buttons, one still needs buttons). I made up a Keyhole Ascot Scarf. Love this knitting thing.

Here is a pic of the Baby Surprise trio.

I made the buttons on the completed one, crocheted 'em. Fun stuff.

I do enjoy making this sweater - about as much fun as I have had recently using the garter stitch for an entire sweater. There was this sweater I used to make - a crossover pattern - that was a lot of fun with the garter stitch.... Maybe it is time to make another crossover pattern sweater, refresh my memory.

I think the next UFO to be tackled is the insanity lace shawl. It takes me about an hour to make an inch, but I am only 12 inches from the length I want... then I want to put a border around it.... see? Insanity. But it is LOVELY and will be fabulous when done so it did not get dismantled.

I dismantled a scarf made in blues and sea colors (I have plans for the yarns, small item plans), a ruffled swing dress for a baby (I have new plans for that yarn and plans to get a different yarn for the dress - the yarn I got was not working for me in that pattern), and the sari yarn scarf I was making but was confused as to where I was in the pattern and the pattern was not showing up in the yarn anyway so why bother with the fancy stitch? Out it came! It actually felt GOOD to take these apart and bag up the yarns and put them away. Hmmmm.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Working through UFOs

Completed UFO number 123 (haphazardly chosen number, who really knows how many UFOs I have? I will make it a goal to document them all for completion or demolition when I return from North Carolina the 20th) - the Clapotis from (pattern published 2004!) in Rick Rack by Interlacements. The pattern used 1 skein (1100 yards). Gotta like that for sewing in ends!

Lovely striping through the bulk of the shawl, with minor (to me, Janice would disagree) puddling as the increases and decreases made their presence felt. I am very pleased with the result! And that is one UFO down, oodles to go.... 2006 is stash use and UFO completion year. Whoohoo!

Next to do? My browns poncho - I have three shades of brown yarn in wools, I plan to make it into a poncho along these lines - a Spikey Poncho described and modelled at Each stripe of yarn will be knitted in a different texture - medium brown will be a basket weave, dark brown an eyelet (I think) and light brown a lovely cable panel. Right now my calculations indicate I have enough medium brown yarn to do a 6" x 60" stripe. I am working on the dark brown panel calculations next. I plan to knit up the light brown cable panel, then knit the medium brown in such a way that I do not have to sew the two together, picking up stiches as I go. We'll see.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wavy hat and back to knitting!

Has it really been since April 2005 that I posted last? So much has changed. Had a kid, got a masters (completed the program anyway) and designed a HAT (ok, not the first hat I have designed, but the nicest to date).

Based on the feather and fan lace pattern, this hat has 9 panels, was knitted in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and is done in 5 colors so the stripes rotate between being a ridge and a valley (2 rows per color). This hat is very soft and comfy and not too warm but warm enough for San Jose in springtime. This version was knit from the top down. I am currently working on a similar hat from the bottom up. I love it, love it, love it!

More sooner, rather than later.

Saturday, April 30, 2005


Originally uploaded by lwright1999.
I adore, simply adore this blanket. I think I used 4 skeins of Cascade 220, and 1 ball of the Splash. The Pinwheel pattern can be found online at

This is what I have been doing instead of making the baby sweater (and instead of writing my term paper due this week, alas).

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